Supported Hardware

Host Computer

Unequivocally, Raspberry Pi.

Sensors and Switches

  • All currently manufactured 1-Wire devices are supported. Most of devices that are directly usable have already been verified to work. If in doubt, contact Home Climate Control Forum;
  • Various DS2408 based relay boards;
  • TAI-8540 Humidity Sensor;
  • Any hardware that can deliver its readings via stdout is supported. This includes all devices supported by lm_sensors, hddtemp, and vcgencmd;
  • XBee ZB based switches and sensors.

1-Wire Adapters

  • Serial 1-Wire adapter (both pure serial and USB to serial such as LinkUSB is currently natively supported;
  • Pure USB 1-Wire adapter (such as DS9490) is NOT supported;

Servo Controllers

All servo controllers supported by Servomaster project are supported natively. This includes some historical Phidgets, most Pololu and Parallax controllers and some others in compatibility mode.

Protocol Adapters

How To Get Your Hardware Supported

Three ways:

  • Wait until project contributors become interested in your hardware and support it;
  • Donate the hardware so project contributors can provide and test support for it;
  • Make a donation so project contributors can exercise their discretion and choose what hardware to support so you can reap the benefits.