Your Vote Counts

Success of the project is determined by how how willing is the project team to listen for feedback and user requests. Your wishes will end up here as a food for thought, and then, when the time allows, will make it to the mainstream release, with attribution.


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User Wishlist

Here's what came since the project was launched:


  • The system should fail transparently. If it is down, I want to be able to override it with minimum hassle (this is implicitly supported in Fault Tolerance and Serviceability);
  • The system should be capable of monitoring global parameters like humidity of sump/inlet air, outside temperature (already supported);
  • The system should be capable of triggering events based on monitoring data (let's extend that and call it scriptability --vt);
  • The system should be capable of triggering events based on the clock;
  • The system has to support forced ventilation even when there is not call for heating or cooling;
  • Ah and "there should be app for that" so my wife can set things up from her iPhone (no promises for iPhone, but Android is already on the project plan --vt);
  • The system should be capable of taking static pressure readings from a HVAC unit and adjusting damper poistions in such a way that maximum allowed values recommended by the manufacturer are not exceeded;
  • Multiple zones should be able to use the same calendar as a schedule.


  • The system should support a "no-dampers" mode, with HVAC units controlled by the average temperature of a (varying) set of sensors. "Varying" implies that different temp sensors may by included based on mode (home, away, vacation, etc.) and schedule (already supported --vt);
  • The system should support homes with multiple HVAC units (upstairs/downstairs), preventing the units from working against one another (multiple HVACs are already supported, but there are no provisions against competition yet --vt);
  • The system should support automatic changeover between heating and cooling (implemented, not released --vt);
  • There must be a "manual override" switch that allows to revert control back to the traditional thermostat.
  • Humidity controller should be smarter than the one currently used, here is a good starting point for improvements (see mailing list for detailed discussion).