Supported Hardware

For The Impatient

This is the hardware that is currently used for development - it would be safe to say that if you get the same hardware, your will not be fighting with incompatibility issues:
As of the moment of writing, the raw cost (without taxes or shipping) of all components sums up to $261.19 for 10 zones (10 sensors and 10 servos) for full configuration on a single 1-Wire branch, or to $61.80 for instrumentation only (no servos, no servo controller, no relays), or to $44 if you're lucky enough to have a computer with the serial port.

Host Computer

  • Any computer running a Linux variant (or even any Unix, if you don't need hardware drivers) is currently supported;
  • SheevaPlug should support running the software right now (preliminary verdict: usable, but extensive software upgrades required, including rebuilding the kernel and possibly changing the distribution from Ubuntu to Debian), deprecated in favor of GuruPlug (same price, one generation younger);
  • GuruPlug verification pending completion;
  • Linksys NSLU2 support was confirmed.

Sensors and Switches

1-Wire Adapters

  • Serial 1-Wire adapter (both pure serial and USB to serial such as LinkUSB is currently natively supported;
  • Pure USB 1-Wire adapter (such as DS9490) is NOT currently supported other than via OWFS mount (which is sufficient for instrumentation purposes, but not supported for hardware control). Contribution package is now in development to natively support this adapter, watch dz3-owfs module for changes. Native support for this driver is NOT planned;
  • Previously recommended Hobby Boards 6CMH1-R3-A 6 Channel Master Hub seems to be discontinued. There is a 4CH2-R1-A 4 Channel Hub, but lack of documentation at the moment of writing makes it not recommended.

Servo Controllers

All servo controllers supported by Servomaster project are supported natively. This includes some historical Phidgets, most Pololu and Parallax controllers and some others in compatibility mode.

Protocol Adapters

Android Accessories

How To Get Hardware Supported

Three ways:
  • Wait until project contributors become interested in your hardware and support it;
  • Donate the hardware so project contributors can provide and test support for it;
  • Make a donation so project contributors can exercise their discretion and choose what hardware to support so you can reap the benefits.

Supported Hardware By Source

Detailed listing coming soon. For now, honorary mention of GuruPlug supported by user donations, all servo controllers except FerretTronics FT639 provided by their manufacturers, temperature and humidity sensors provided by AAG Electronica.

AAG Electronica

  • TAI-8540 Humidity Sensor
  • TAI-8570 Barometer not supported yet


Hobby Boards

CAVEAT EMPTOR: After site redesign a lot of documentation seems to be gone. Pages and documentation for discontinued products are also deleted.


  • LinkUSB is supported, however, caveat emptor, in two cases there was a slow degradation over a period of a few months with number of 1-Wire errors constantly increasing, up to complete failure. Those two may or may not have been lemons. Read more...

Maxim (formerly Dallas Semiconductors)

Support for devices below is compiled into the latest distribution. If you happen to have a device that is not recognized (telltale sign of that is a message "don't know how to handle <hardware address> Device type: <hex code>, generic container created" in the log), please report the issue and support will be compiled in.
  • DS1822
  • DS18B20
  • DS18S20
  • DS1920
  • DS2405
  • DS2406
  • DS2407
  • DS2408
  • DS2409 (only as MicroLAN Coupler, not as a switch)
  • DS2438
  • DS2502

Seed Depot

CAVEAT EMPTOR: this company seems to run batches of products using cheapest components available at the time. Versions are changed without warning, all information about older versions is deleted from the site. If you have no option other than using these components, make sure you save a copy of all documentation that you may need to work with it.

I believe writing them a letter might help, if enough of you do that.

WARNING: Since there is no compatibility information, compatibility of devices by this manufacturer can not be guaranteed for versions later than were available for development/testing.