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"I am reluctant to talk to my competition because the amount of information they can extract out of my questions significantly exceeds the amount of information they can extract of my most honest answers to their most detailed questions." -- GT

Hence, we're not going to talk much about what is in the future - keep coming back, and you'll find out. For now, you'll be able to deduce our future directions from updates at DIY Zoning News Channel blog.


Current releases are available from GitHub. Source code is available from the GitHub repositoryHistorical releases mentioned below are available for download from SourceForge and Google Code


Releases used to come out on every Tuesday night, but starting with 3.6.5 the project reached a stable stage and there's not even a need for a set schedule.
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DatePhaseDescriptionRelease Notes
DatePhaseDescriptionRelease Notes
January 27, 2012 3.6.5 Console L&F changed; temperature trail added; Android app connector added Changes since 3.6.4 
March 11, 2011 3.6.4 Maintenance release Changes since 3.6.3 
August 24, 2010 3.6.3 Maintenance release Changes since 3.6.2 
August 16, 2010 3.6.2 XBee and JMX maintenance Changes since 3.6.1 
August 6, 2010 3.6.1 XBee wireless support for analog sensors Changes since 3.6 
July 31, 2010 3.6 XBee wireless support added for HVAC actuators Changes since 3.5.3 
July 26, 2010 3.5.3 Major bugfixes and feature enhancements Changes since 3.5.2 
February 7, 2010 3.5.2 Maintenance release Changes since 3.5.1 
February 4, 2010 3.5.1 Bugfix for 3.5 release Changes since 3.5 
February 2, 2010 3.5 "Deja Vu" Google Calendar Schedule Integration; DZ reboot milestone release Changes since 3.4.1, summary of changes since DZ2 
January 28, 2010 3.4.1 "Scheduler-Console" Current periods are displayed on the console. added "back to schedule" functionality Changes since 3.4 
January 26, 2010 3.4 "Scheduler-Barebones" Bootstrap scheduler functionality with no persistence and no UI Changes since 3.3.2, scheduler configuration guide 
January 5, 2010 3.3.2 "Leakplug" More bugfixes, stability and memory performance improvements, new features Changes since "Housekeeping" release 
December 22, 2009 3.3.1 "Housekeeping" Several bugfixes (including critical) related to damper operation; servo calibration and reversing is now possible Changes since "Interface" release 
December 15, 2009 3.3 "Interface" First release in DZ3 branch of the code base that has a user interface. Configuration instructions, interface description, keyboard shortcuts 
December 7, 2009 3.2.2 "Humidor" Added ability to operate a humidifier and dehumidifier Configuration description 
December 2, 2009 3.2.1 Maintenance Release Changes since "Barebones" release 
November 24, 2009 3.2 "Barebones" Complete system capable of operating the HVAC unit. Still no GUI. Changes sine "Passive" release 
November 16, 2009 3.1 "Passive" Application now supports Passive Mode operation (see Release Notes for more). Still no GUI. Changes since "Instrumentation" release 
November 12, 2009 3.0 "Instrumentation" Total overhaul. Application stripped to the core, provides instrumentation and monitoring features only, albeit on a higher level than the first generation ever was. What's in, what's not 
September 25, 2004 0.1p7dev3 Last stable release of first DZ generation. Fully working system, including scheduling support, but no longer compatible with modern distributions due to software rot. Changes since 0.1p7dev2 
 3.6.6 Maintenance release Changes since 3.6.5 
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